rights  権利

August 21, 2014 =========
☆ rights  権利
There are sooooo many different meanings to the word “right” but did you notice today’s word has an “s” on the end, so you know we are not talking about the word “right” as in “right and left” and we are not talking about “right and wrong” either. We are talking about your rights – the things you are morally or legally entitled to do or to have.
For example, in Japan, foreigners have rights to health care, but they don’t have voting rights. Actually, this is the same in most countries, not just Japan. My Japanese friends here in Australia have rights to health care, but not voting rights…
Along the same meaning is a word, “divine right”. Have you ever heard this word? It means that someone thinks they have a right to have something without making any effort. For example, “A university degree doesn’t mean you have a divine right to health, wealth, and happiness.” In other words, after university, you still need to find a job and work in order to earn money. You don’t automatically have rights to money just because you finished university. Is there a similar word to “divine rights” in Japanese?