needs  必要なもの

August 19, 2014 =========
☆ needs  必要なもの
I follow a blog about money and budgeting. It’s usually very interesting, and sometimes very funny! Last week, the writer talked about her fake eyelashes. She loves fake eyelashes so much that each year she spends so much money on them – she could use the money to fly from the US to Singapore. However, she doesn’t want to fly to Singapore or anywhere else. For her, fake eyelashes fall into the “needs” category, whereas, flying to Singapore falls into the “wants” category for budgeting.
Do you have anything that you consider is in the “needs” category but others don’t agree? For me, you guessed it, it’s running events! I pay money to run marathons! It sounds crazy, and it sounds like it should be in the “wants” category, but it isn’t because running keeps me healthy mentally and physically and of course, paying to run marathons keeps me motivated to continue running.
How about studying English? Do you pay money for lessons or books? Would you put this in the “needs” category or the “wants” category?