obstacle  障害

August 18, 2014 =========
☆ obstacle  障害
When you set goals do you usually achieve them? For me I sometimes hit obstacles that make me give up on the goal. Now I know that I need to be better prepared for those obstacles. Whenever I set a goal, the next thing I do is some future planning and I try to determine the obstacles that might stand in my way. For example, I’m planning to run my first ultra marathon at the end of September. It is 56kms!! And it is on a hilly trail, rather than a road. So there are many obstacles I might face. For example injury while I’m training, so in order to avoid this obstacle I need to train and rest properly.
What about in your case? Do you have an English goal, for example, studying for the Toeic test or to get a job using English? What would be some obstacles that might stand in your way? Not enough time? Can’t find a good teacher? No confidence? Anything else?
Now that you know your obstacles, you can work out ways to overcome them. For example, if you don’t have enough time, you can schedule appointments with yourself – “study dates” that you promise not to miss. To find a good teacher, you could search online, or ask friends to recommend someone. No confidence? This can be overcome with practice – for example, take practice tests for TOEIC or try doing a pretend interview in English.
What’s your current goal and what are some ways you plan to overcome any obstacles you might meet?