positive  前向きな

August 13, 2014 =========
☆ positive  前向きな
Is a positive attitude important for learning English? I think it is important. However, I also know that just having a positive attitude and saying positive affirmations like, “I’m a good English speaker” is not enough. You do actually need to study and use English too!
Do you think you have a positive attitude towards learning English or do you feel negative about it sometimes? If you do, one thing you can is a positive reframe. When you have a negative experience with English, such as a difficult test, or a lesson where you think you made an embarrassing mistake try to change the negative feeling into a positive lesson.
For example, instead of “I made a stupid mistake” you could say, “I did my best and am learning from my mistakes.” Or “the new English teacher doesn’t like me” could be “the new English teacher might be shy, I’m going to try and be more friendly next time.”
Are you good at positive reframing?