approval 承認

August 1, 2014  =========
☆ approval 承認
Have you heard of the term “approval addiction”? This is actually a common addiction, where the person is always seeking the approval of other people, rather than feeling happy with themselves as they are. Someone who is an approval addict feels that they must be “perfect” according to what they think other people think is perfect. In other words, we want the house to be clean, kids to be perfectly behaved, get the job promotion and big salary so that other people give us their approval. However, when someone gives them approval instead of feeling happy and satisfied, they look for the next person to give them approval – this is why it is called an addiction.
In western culture this is more common than you might think, for example women who want approval from other women for being the “perfect” mom or wife. Kids who want approval from their parents and teachers for getting good grades. I’m not sure if it is as common in adult men…
How about in Japanese culture? Is seeking the approval of others common? Would you say that it is like an addiction in Japanese culture?