peaceful  おとなしい

July 31, 2014 =========
☆ peaceful  おとなしい
Once again there are a few ways to use today’s word. You can use it to describe activities that do not involve war: The countries attempted to find a peaceful solution to the conflict. (in other words, non-violent.)
You can describe events as peaceful if they happen without trouble or violence: The students held a peaceful protest outside the university. (non-violent).
A peaceful place or time is a quiet or calm place.
Mornings are usually quiet and peaceful in the small town of Brighton.
Except for the traffic noise, the house is in a peaceful area.
It’s so peaceful at this time of year.
Someone who feels or looks peaceful is not worried or anxious.
I feel relaxed and peaceful.
The dog looked peaceful and happy with its new owner.
Can you use peaceful in a sentence?
Bye, see you next month!