motivation  やる気

June 24, 2014 =========
☆ motivation  やる気
We’re almost to the middle of the year! How’s your motivation for studying English at the moment? Are you still feeling the same level of motivation that you felt at the beginning of the year when you started using the “Eigo Techo”? Maybe not, right? Our motivation comes and goes, and it’s sometimes hard to sustain high motivation for a long time.
For me, usually I have a lot of motivation for running. However, last month I ran the marathon, and that was my goal, so I kind of lost motivation. I am still running often, but my motivation has definitely gone down. The next event I plan to run is not until the end of August, so almost 2 months away, so that is not helping my motivation… I need something “new” or “exciting” I think! Maybe some new running socks?! Or a new running route? Or even changing the time of day that I run. Hmmm… I’ll have to think about it, but I can feel more motivation already!
How about you and your English? If you feel your motivation has decreased, what can you do to increase it? How about a new notebook? Or a new coffee shop for studying in? Or changing the time of day that you study – get up early for study, or study at lunchtime, for example. What are some ways you can increase your motivation?