justify  正当化する

June 6, 2014 =========
☆ justify  正当化する
OK, well that was strange!! I just Googled “Justify” and “lyrics” hoping to find an old Madonna song that uses the word, because as you know, songs are a fun and usually useful way to learn vocabulary. However, this time, instead of the Madonna song (which I just remembered is called Justify My Love) the top response on Google was a song called “Justify” by “The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus”… I decided to have a listen, in case it was a good song.
Oh my!! Turns out it was a heavy metal band singing a song about “justify my life.” Not at all what I was expecting! The Internet can be a strange place! Have you ever found something you weren’t expecting when you were searching on the Internet? What was it?
By the way, unless you really, really, really like heavy metal I wouldn’t bother looking at the Red Jumpsuit song – it wasn’t very good and you won’t be able to justify the time wasted by listening to it. 😉