remark 言う

May 8, 2014 =========
☆ remark 言う
Remark is a more formal way of saying, “say”. Instead of “say”, you could use remark, comment, declare, mention, reflect, or state. There are a lot of choices aren’t they! I guess it’s the same in Japanese, but for language learners it’s hard to know which word you should use, right?
The biggest difference is that we use remark mostly when we are in a formal situation, and stating a fact or an opinion, whereas you can use “say” at any time to say anything. For example, “She said she was coming home at 6pm” of course this is stating a fact, but we wouldn’t say, “She remarked she was coming home at 6pm” because it is too formal. Of course the grammar patterns change too. Here are some other examples:
The judges remarked on the high standard of the competition art works.
The judges said the art works submitted for the competition were of a high standard.
She remarked how tired I was looking.
She said I was looking tired.
So as you can see, it’s just a more formal word than “say” but you’ll need to think about the grammar if you plan to use remark instead of say.