honorable  名誉な

May 1, 2014  =========
☆ honorable  名誉な
Hello welcome to May! Can you believe it is May already? I can’t…

Today’s word is used to describe someone who you believe is a good person that deserves to be respected and admired. For example, you might describe a friend by saying, “He is an honorable man, dedicated to his family and work.” Or you could say, “he made the honorable decision.” when talking about someone who had a tough choice to make.
And do you know the noun, “honorable mention”? This is a word that is often used in competitions or school. If you receive an “honorable mention” it means that you are praised by the judge or the teacher even though you did not win or receive a prize. For example in a school art competition, there is usually a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize, but there are often many “honorable mentions” for all the students who put in a lot of effort and created great work, but didn’t win.
Have you ever received an honorable mention for anything? I think you can give yourself an “honorable mention” for English! There is no prize, but you are reading this email each day and making an effort to continue with your English, well done!