yield 生み出す

April 30, 2014 =========
☆ yield 生み出す
The word “yield” is another formal word. The more casual word would be “produce” or “provide”. It is usually used when talking about farms or crops which yield or produce an amount of something. For example, “last year, the farm yielded a crop worth $1 billion.”
There are other meanings too, for example, when driving a car, the car that slows down in order to allow other people or vehicles to go past is “yielding” in the US, and “giving way” in Britain or Australia. In Australia the sign that says “slow down, and stop if necessary” is a “Give Way” sign, but in the US, it is a “Yield” sign.
You can also “yield” your control or responsibility and allow someone else to have control. This is a formal usage. For example, “The prime minister is under pressure to yield power to the opposing side.”
Do you know any other meanings of “yield”?