ripple 波紋

April 22, 2014 =========
☆ ripple 波紋
A “ripple” is a little wave on the surface of water caused by the wind, or something moving on or in the water – such as a fish, or a stone being thrown into the water. In English, we talk about an event causing “ripples” too:
The problems in the car industry have created economic ripples throughout the country. (The car industry has affected the economy for the whole country)
The politician’s remark sent a ripple of polite laughter through the crowd. (The politician made a joke, which was not funny, but people started to politely laugh, until the laughter had spread through the room.)
One other way we use this word is to say that something causes a “ripple effect”, in other words, it has caused other events to happen, one after the other. For example, “the train delay had a ripple effect, resulting in many commuters missing connections and being late for work.”