serendipity 幸運な発見

April 21, 2014 =========
☆ serendipity 幸運な発見
The basic definition of “serendipity” is “the luck that some people have in finding or creating interesting or valuable things by chance.”
In the past, today’s word “serendipity” was only used in literary works. It wasn’t used in speech or casual writing. However, now since the “Law of Attraction” has become so popular over recent years, this word has become more common. Although it is still mainly used in written English, you will definitely hear people use it in conversation.
How about in Japanese? Is this a “new” word or has it existed in Japan for a long time? Sometimes when I hear how “new” words have been translated into Japanese, the word sounds awkward, like it was hard for the translator to think of the best way to translate it. How do you feel about this translation of “serendipity” do you agree it is the best translation or would you prefer a different translation – if so, what?