comfort 安心させる

April 18, 2014 =========
☆ comfort 安心させる
When you comfort someone, you try to make them feel less worried, unhappy, or upset. To do this, you can say kind things, or hug them. For example, “He put his arm around her, trying to comfort her.” Or “The mother comforted her young daughter after she lost her favorite toy.”
There are a couple of interesting nouns using today’s word in a different way: Creature comforts and cold comfort. Do you know these words?
“Creature comforts” are the things you need to feel comfortable in a place, for example good food, and modern equipment. So people who go camping or traveling might say that they “appreciate all the creature comforts of home” after they get back from their trip.
“Cold comfort” is used to describe something that might seem like slightly good news to most people, may not be encouraging to the people involved because their situation is so difficult. For example, “The good news about the economy is cold comfort for the people who have lost their jobs.”