bless 感謝する

April 17, 2014 =========
☆ bless 感謝する
Today’s word is most often used in a religious situation, for example a priest will bless people or things and ask for God’s forgiveness and/or protection. At a wedding, the priest might say, “Everyone please bless this couple”.
However, today’s meaning is a little less common. It can be used to express thanks or good wishes, however this is a very informal use, and it wouldn’t be used in writing, only in spoken English. For example, if you helped an older person carry their groceries home, then they might say, “bless you, Keiko.” instead of saying “thank you, Keiko.” Or if you took some dinner to your sick neighbor they would be more likely to say “ah, bless” rather than “thanks.”
In other words, it replaces “thank you” at times when you feel a real deep appreciation for what the other person has done for you.