shame 遺憾

April 9, 2014 =========
☆ shame 遺憾
“Shame” is one of the words my Japanese students often confuse. I’m sure you know the words that get confused: shame, ashamed, embarrassed. Right? Here’s the best way to use them…
shame (noun) – this is the uncomfortable feeling you get when you have done something wrong or embarrassing. E.g. “I would have died of shame!” or “She felt a deep sense of shame.”
ashamed (adjective) – use this if you are feeling embarrassed or guilty because of something you did/do or about your appearance. E.g. “She was ashamed of her dirty clothes.” Or “I feel so ashamed that I got so angry.”
embarrassed (adjective) – use this if you are upset because you think something makes you seem foolish. E.g. “He was too embarrassed to ask his friend for help.” Or “I feel really embarrassed about it.”
Feeling ashamed involves the feeling of guilt because you feel like you did something wrong. Feeling embarrassed involves the feeling of being upset because you feel foolish or stupid. Hope that helps!