incredible 信じられない

March 28, 2014 =========
☆ incredible 信じられない
You can use “incredible” in a few different ways. Firstly like today’s meaning, to describe something that is very unusual or surprising and you cannot believe it is true even though it might be. For example, “It seemed incredible that she had bought a large apartment in downtown Tokyo.” In this case, “incredible” means “unbelievable”.
You can also use it describe someone or something that you like and are impressed by because they are extremely good. For example, “Thanks for inviting me to the party, I had an incredible time.” Or “You have been an incredible help, thank you.” In this case, “incredible” means “fantastic”.
And the last way to use “incredible” is to emphasize the degree or amount of something. For example, “there was an incredible noise coming from upstairs.” Or “Australia exports an incredible amount of beef to other countries.” In this case, “incredible” means “amazing” or “a lot of”.