knowledgeable  博学の

March 27, 2014 =========
☆ knowledgeable  博学の
Have you ever been on a guided tour? For example, on a bus or around a city somewhere? I have been on a few, in Japan, in the US and some in Australia, too! I always wonder if the tour guides are extremely knowledgeable or if they just have good memories! What do you think? I always think that if it is just “memory” then it must be so hard to remember everything – and to make it fun and interesting for the customers. So, surely they must have be knowledgeable too, right? I guess it is just the right mix of being knowledgeable, having a good memory, and a lot of repetition!!
Would you describe yourself as a knowledgeable person? If yes, are you knowledgeable on many topics or just one or two? I would say that I am quite knowledgeable about running and training for marathons, and I guess I’m probably knowledgeable about English learning! I hope so! How about you?