insight 洞察力

March 19, 2014 =========
☆ insight 洞察力
Do you keep a journal? I have kept a journal off and on for many years… probably since I was a teenager. Obviously the content has changed over those years and now I find myself journaling a lot about insight I have had when reading a book or studying something. Doing this has made the insight really stick in my mind and it seems to be a much more effective way of remembering that aha moment and learning from my insight.
For example, last year I started using a new software program, so when I took the “how to” classes, I took notes about how to use the software – of course! – but I also kept notes about my insight and how that insight affected me and my situation. It has been eye-opening! I have learned so much more and so much more deeply. I’m glad I’ve realized this way to benefit even more from my own insight.
How about you? Do you make note of your insight or aha moments? If not, how do you remember that insight and make sure that you use it in your life?