initiative 主導権

March 17, 2014 =========
☆ initiative 主導権 
In the useful phrases for this week it says, “it is important to take the initiative.” Do you agree with this? Is there are time when you think it is important to take the initiative and a time when it is better to be passive? What would these situations be? Why is it sometimes better to have initiative and other times better to be passive?
When I ask you these questions, of course I’m not there to hear the answer, but you could tell me your answer (in English!) on Facebook. Or just answer the questions in your head – or use them as questions to help you write in English. The most important thing is not to just read the question and forget about it! When you take time to answer the questions, you are giving your brain a little extra boost and a little help to remember new words and improve your English. And that is a good reason to take the initiative in answering these questions!