perfect 完全な

February 28, 2014 =========
☆ perfect 完全な
In the question and answer for this week, there is the question, “What would be your perfect day off?” My perfect day off would be a day in early summer, and I would get up early and go for a long run along the beach. Then back home for a nice long shower (in Australia, water is scarce, so we’re not supposed to have long showers!) Then I would have a cup of coffee and read a book for a while.
Later, I’d take my dogs to the park so they could have a run around. After that, maybe I’d have some lunch at a café with friends. And of course, the perfect afternoon would mean having a nap. 🙂
Then in the evening when my kids and husband were home, maybe we’d have dinner cooked for us, and afterwards, return to the beach to watch the sunset.
That sounds like a perfect day to me! How about you? What would be your perfect day off? Come and tell me on Facebook.