encourage 励ます

January 28, 2014 =========
☆ encourage 励ます
I’m reading a book about discipline, and it says that “discipline needs a cheerleader”. A cheerleader is someone who can encourage you to reach your goals. In my case, I want to run another marathon this year, but I’m also busy, so I wonder if I’ll be able to follow a busy running training schedule or not. My neighbor is also a runner, and so we have decided to run a marathon together – we are going to encourage each other, and be each other’s cheerleader, when things get tough!
Do you have a cheerleader in your life that will help you reach your goals? It could be an English goal, of getting a certain score in TOEIC or TOEFL for example. Do you have someone who will encourage you and give you help or advice when you need it? I hope so! And if you don’t, why not try to find someone who can help you – maybe you can help them, too, so it’ll be a win-win situation.