skilled 腕の立つ

January 26, 2014 =========
☆ skilled 腕の立つ
As you know, today’s word could also be translated like yesterday’s word, as “上手な”. Sometimes of course, there is a different in the nuance of the meanings of similar words. Or they are used in different situations. Or perhaps one is more formal than another. Testing out new words with a native speaker, in real life or online, is a great way to find out which word to use when and why.
Once you have had a little bit of experience using the different words, you’ll be “skilled” at knowing whether to use “adept” or “skilled” in each situation. In this case, “adept” is often used when you can do something skillfully, such as “she is an adept tennis player” and “skilled” is often used when you have both knowledge and ability to do something (in other words, not just talent but knowledge too.)