tenacious 粘り強い

January 20, 2014 =========
☆ tenacious 粘り強い
When I was studying to become a PhotoReading instructor, Paul Scheele, the creator of the PhotoReading system told me that I was “tenacious”. I thought he was just trying to be polite and not say, “stubborn”! Many people have called me stubborn but I’d never been told I was tenacious. It was kind of nice. 🙂
Sometimes in English there are words that have a similar meaning but one has a negative nuance (stubborn) and one is more positive (tenacious). It’s hard to know just from the dictionary if a word has a positive or negative nuance. In order to find this out, you could ask a native speaker if you know one, or you can ask me on Facebook of course – I am trying to have “discipline” to check my page regularly this year!