discipline 自制心

January 18, 2014 =========
☆ discipline 自制心
Have you ever tried to change a bad habit or create a new one? It takes a lot of discipline doesn’t it? Especially at this time of year, lots of people set new goals or make resolutions… and usually those goals or resolutions require a lot of discipline to make them happen and most people expect to have the discipline to do those things on January 1st, even though nothing has really changed since December 31st!
Making drastic changes doesn’t really work, though, because it’s so hard to sustain. Not many people have the discipline, for example, to suddenly go from eating meat to being vegan or vegetarian. A better way to create a new habit or change an old one is to create discipline by making small changes over a longer period of time, rather than trying drastic changes in a short period of time.
That’s why I’m glad so many people wanted to return to the Daily Format of this ezine, because a little English every day is such a great way to have the discipline of studying English regularly. 🙂