November 10 – poisonous

November 10, 2019    =========

☆  poisonous  毒のある


When I think about poisonous animals, I think of snakes and spiders, and I know that some people do like to keep these kinds of animals as pets. It’s crazy, I think, and dangerous for the owner, but also unfair to the animal.

However, living in Australia there is another poisonous animal that we have to think about. If you live in the countryside or on a farm, then there are likely to be many snakes, and many of them are poisonous to both humans and animals. Unfortunately, many dogs will chase a snake without realizing they are poisonous. It’s quite common for dogs to die from a snake bite.

Luckily there are no snakes where I live, but there are at my brother’s house, so I don’t like to let me dogs run free in his garden!