November 4 – kid-friendly

November 4, 2019 =========

☆  kid-friendly  子供にやさしい


When you have kids, they generally ask for a pet at some stage, right? I was lucky, because I already had two dogs, my kids didn’t ask for a pet – they already had a pet.

If they do ever ask for a pet, I might consider something other than a dog… What kinds of animals would be kid-friendly? In Australia, the most common choice is either a dog or cat. Cats and dogs are a big responsibility and they live a long time, so I wonder what other choices there are…

I found a list of 10 kid-friendly pets. Number one on the list was a cat. There was no mention of dogs! The other 9 kid-friendly “pets” would not be my choice! Snakes, ants, turtles, lizards, and small birds were some of the ideas. What?!!