September 15 – explore

September 15, 2019 =========

☆  explore 探検する


As adults, we probably don’t really “play” in nature, as I said the other day. However, I definitely spend time exploring outdoors, how about you?

One way to explore outdoors is to go on a “Nature Scavenger Hunt.” Have you ever heard of this idea? Basically, you go hunting for things in nature. They can be simple things like a flower, butterfly, something straight, something round and so on. Or you can make it more difficult, and look for things that are harder to find, like certain animals or insects.

The idea is to get the kids exploring outdoors and having fun. It doesn’t just have to be for kids though! If you want to explore a new area outdoors, why not think up a list of things you might find while you are exploring, and see what you can find?