August 21 – mishap

August 21, 2019 =========

☆  mishap  災難


A mishap is an unfortunate event that happens to someone, but it is usually not too serious. Other similar words are accident, misadventure, mischance and misfortune.

It’s interesting to look at the origin of this word. I always thought that it was a shortening “happening.” In other words, we add the prefix “mis” to make it negative. So, it was a bad happening, as opposed to a good happening… however, I have just learned something new! The word “hap” actually means “luck”! So, this word, mishap, literally means, bad luck. The word “hap” is very rarely used these days, except in this kind of word, like mishap.

Interesting! Did you know there was such a word as “hap” meaning “luck”??