August 8 – desperate

August 8, 2019      =========

☆  desperate 絶望的な


There are three ways to use “desperate”. Firstly, you can be desperate. If you are desperate, then you are in a bad situation, and you are willing to try anything to change it. For example, “I was desperate to find my lost passport, so I called the hotel where I had stayed last week.”

Secondly, you can be desperate “for something” or “to do something”. You want or need something very much. In this situation, there can be some nuance of desire, not hopelessness. For example, “I’m desperate to visit Tokyo during the Olympics next year!”

And, thirdly, you can be in a desperate situation, a situation that is serious, difficult, or dangerous. In Tuesday’s email, I talked about the desperate situation my friend and I were in when we were traveling in Nagoya.

Have you ever been in a desperate situation? What happened?