July 24 – sense

July 24, 2019 =========

☆  sense 感覚


If you have a sense of something, you have that feeling. For example, you think that something is true, without having clear evidence for this belief. So, fortune tellers work a lot with “sense”… they might read our palm, or do a Tarot card spread, and get a sense of what might happen to us in the future.

They have no real evidence, it is based on their sense or feeling. In fact, I tend to make a lot of decisions this way! A few years ago, when I was flying back to Japan, I had a feeling or a sense that something was wrong, so I changed my flight to one day later. Of course, nothing happened that day to me, or to the flight that I was supposed to be on, but the next day when I flew back to Japan, the sense of fear or worry, was gone. So, even though nothing happened that time, I was glad I made the choice based on my senses.

Have you ever made a decision based on your sense or feeling?