July 17 – present

July 17, 2019 =========

☆  present 現在の


We can use the word present to describe something that is existing here and now, for example this present moment, or current moment. You probably know this word from learning English grammar, talking about the present tense, however there are many other ways to use it:

Our present method is not working, we need to make some changes.
We are still looking for her; her present whereabouts are unknown.
Our present life is all that matters.
I don’t want to discuss it while you are in your present frame of mind.
The present moment is all we have.
If you are not happy with your present situation or present life, then it’s time to make some changes.
I’m going to ask my boss to increase my present salary!
When we think about the future, we need to consider our present reality.

So, that’s a lot of different examples for you! Can you try making your own?