May 9 – must-have

May 9, 2019   =========

☆  must-have  必需品


You can add “must-“ to a verb, such as “have” (or “see” or “read”) to form a noun, which describes things that you think people should have (or see, read, do etc.) So, for today’s word, a must-have is something that you think people should get. It is used in spoken English, and a lot in journalism, especially fashion magazines.

Fashion magazines always talk about the must-have items for the season. Of course, the Internet does too. If you search for “Spring must-haves” you’ll get lots of choices of what you should be wearing this spring. “Top ten must-haves for spring.” Or the “Essentials for spring.” Of course, this list changes every year, so you supposedly “need” to buy the must-haves each year!

Do you usually buy the must-haves for each season?