April 6 – satisfying

April 6, 2019 =========

☆  satisfying  満足を与える


Something that is satisfying makes you feel happy, especially because you feel you have achieved something. What kinds of things feel satisfying to you? I think if you have been studying English for a while, and then take a TOEIC test or some other test, and have improved, that would be very satisfying.

I recently found my Japanese Proficiency test certificate when I was clearing out my filing cabinet.  I took the test way back when I was first in Japan. I successfully passed Level 2, the top is Level 1. I was pretty happy with that! I had done a lot of Kanji study, so it was satisfying to see that my Kanji score was high. I haven’t studied Japanese much recently, though, and although I can take the test in Australia, I don’t’ think it would be a very satisfying result!