April 4 – proud

April 4, 2019 =========

☆  proud  自慢の


The second useful phrase this week is, “You should be really proud.” You probably usually use this word to say things like, “I’m proud of you.” However, it’s fine to use it in this way, too: to suggest that someone should be proud of themselves.

Unfortunately, it’s seen as immodest or rude to be proud of yourself, and that is why we usually say things like, “I’m proud of you.” or “Your dad must be proud of you.” But if we’ve done a good job, or gotten a promotion, or passed our examinations or done something like that, it’s perfectly fine to feel proud, I think!

In fact, just last week, I felt very proud when I cleared out and reorganized our laundry! Ha ha, small goals are good to have too.