March 9 – good time

March 9, 2019   =========

☆  good time  楽しい時


A good time is when you enjoy yourself and have fun, you might say, “I had a good time tonight.” Or when you are apart from someone or feeling sad, you might use the useful phrase for this week, “Just remember the good times.”

Facebook’s “Memories” is a great way to remember the good times, I think. So long as you only post happy things! If you are posting things that make you feel sad, then when it comes up in your memory a year later, then it won’t be a good reminder!

Instagram has also started this feature, showing me photos that I posted a year ago. I usually just post photos from random places on Instagram, though, so they aren’t really reminders of “good times” as such.

How about you? How do you remember the good times?