March 2 – reach out

March 2, 2019      =========

☆  reach out  心を通わせる


If you reach out to someone, it means that you are offering help or support to them. I read a wonderful folk story that is told in the Middle East about a drowning man. It is the perfect example of how to reach out to someone who is struggling.

Many people who saw the drowning man, stood on the edge of the river and said, to him, “Give me your hand.” But the drowning man didn’t do anything, except continue to struggle in the water.

Another man came along, and went a little way into the river, getting wet himself, and said to the drowning man, “Take my hand.” And so, the drowning man took his hand and was saved.

The moral of the story is that the drowning man has nothing to give! That is a powerful story don’t you think? When you reach out to someone, remember you need to offer your heart or your hand to them, don’t ask them to give theirs to you.

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