January 7 – post

January 7, 2019 =========

☆  post 投稿する


In my old dictionary, this word doesn’t come up! Well, actually of course, the word is in the dictionary, but the meaning is about “posting a letter” or “to post a notice or information somewhere.” However, in my more recent dictionary, there is a new definition of “post”: “If you post information on the Internet, you make the information available to other people on the Internet.”

Last week, I mentioned that I had deleted social media from my phone. Now, whenever I want to post something, I have to open a browser and open the mobile phone version of Facebook etc. and post through that page. Unfortunately, because the app developers want you to use their app not the mobile page, it is really troublesome and inconvenient to post something. It takes forever to post a video, even a short one. So, this has tempted me to reinstall the apps, but I haven’t, instead I am just posting things a lot less often…

How often do you post things on the Internet?