December 12: friendly

December 12, 2018 =========

☆  friendly   優しい


This week’s useful phrase is, “She was so friendly.” In other words, she was pleasant and kind, and nice to be with. This is the kind of sentence that could be fun to practice different intonation with. Have you ever looked at a sentence with different emphasis or intonation on certain words, to see how it changes the meaning? Let’s try…

SHE was so friendly. (But the other people weren’t.)
She WAS so friendly. (But she isn’t friendly anymore, maybe you had a friend and are not friends anymore.)
She was SO friendly. (Maybe she seemed a little too friendly, like she wasn’t sincere. Or maybe she was really friendly, and it was a bit surprising to you as you didn’t know her very well.)
She was so FRIENDLY. (She was pleasant and kind)

I’m sure you’ve done this kind of exercise before in your English study, but it’s a fun one to repeat every now and again to have a little fun.