Today’s Word: interruption

November 19, 2018     =========

☆  interruption  中断


An interruption is a disruption, a disturbance, an intrusion – anything that means you have to stop what you are doing. For example, something like a phone call while you are at work would be an interruption. If you have email notifications on your phone or desktop, then each time an email arrives and you hear the “ping” that is an interruption.

For me, my office is at home at the moment, so my day is full of interruptions! A baby crying, a dog that wants to go outside or come inside, or wants water or food. The doorbell, the phone, the delivery man… so many interruptions! No wonder I feel like I never get much done! Ha ha!

Have you ever thought about the interruptions that you face each day and how they affect your efficiency and whether you complete your To Do list?