Today’s Word: instantly

November 8, 2018     =========

☆  instantly   すぐに


One of my clients told me his way of being more productive a few years ago. Whenever he got a new book or a new program, or a new project, he would instantly spend 15 minutes on it. In other words, if a new book arrived from Amazon, he would open it instantly, and read or look over it for 15 minutes. He also did this with new study programs. In the past, you had to wait for the DVD to arrive, rather than download it instantly, so, when the DVD arrived, he would look at the contents for 15 minutes. If he decided to work on a new project, he would spend 15 minutes brainstorming it.

This 15-minute trick meant that his brain was already starting to process the contents of the book, or program, or project. He said that if he didn’t do it instantly, as soon as the book or program arrived, or as soon as he had the idea, then he discovered that he would be too busy to do it at another time. So, the book and the program sat unopened on his desk.

What do you think of this idea? Are you the sort of person who does something instantly, or do you prefer to put it aside until you have more time?