Today’s Word: put away

October 1, 2018     =========

☆  put away  貯金する


Ooh, this month’s topic is Saving Money! Another favorite topic for me! Last month, a famous Australia financial “guru”, The Barefoot Investor released a new book for families – apparently it is the only kids’ money guide you’ll ever need. When I went to buy the book, it was $25 (expensive!!) However, the shop assistant said if I spent over $40 they gave me $5 cash back… so I looked around the store to find another $15 to spend on books! Ha ha!

How ironic, I’m buying a book on financial advice, which recommends putting away money rather than spending it, and yet I was trying to spend $15 extra in order to get $5 back. I came to my senses and left the bookstore after buying the one book only for $25. Phew!! Instead, I went home and put away the $15 I had “saved” into our holiday jar. That is a much better way to use it than buying a book I don’t need.

Have you ever spent money in order to save money? Do you usually try to put away some of your salary each month?