Today’s Word: inspiring

September 18, 2018 =========

☆  inspiring  元気づける


Letting go of things and decluttering can be hard work. When I am losing steam and want to give up, I look for something inspiring to keep me motivated. One of my favorite places to find inspiring messages or photographs is on Instagram. I used to like Pinterest too, but that was too much for me! There were too many inspiring photos of ideas on how to declutter, and before-after photos. For me, too much choice is not inspiring, it’s just tiring!

Instead, on Instagram, I follow the hashtag #konmari and so every so often, some inspiring posts (only the really popular ones) come up in my feed. If I feel like seeing more, I can click on the #konmari hashtag, but usually just one or two photos is enough to get me motivated again.

What kinds of things do you find inspiring? What keeps you going when you are losing motivation?