Today’s Word: tolerate

September 11, 2018 =========

☆  tolerate  大目に見る


If you can tolerate something unpleasant or painful, it means you are able to bear it or put up with it. For some people, tolerating clutter is easy. They just don’t really “see” it. Of course, the clutter is there, but they are able to ignore it. For me, I can’t tolerate clutter at all. For a few days, it’s OK, but eventually I feel that I really “need” to clean up the mess.

If you check psychology research and Freud, there is a lot of information about clutter, and whether or not we can tolerate it. For example, if you have stuff on the floor and you can’t see the floor well, apparently this means that you are trying to cover up things in your life. On the other, according to Freud, if you have a clear floor or house, that is also a sign of covering of hiding internal clutter!

Hmm, seems like clutter or no clutter, we can’t win! Ha ha. I guess we need to find the happy medium (a satisfactory compromise that everyone in your house can tolerate.)