Today’s Word: ethnicity

August 19, 2018 =========

☆  ethnicity  民族性


Your ethnicity is the state of belonging to a particular ethnic group. In Japan, most of the population is of Japanese ethnicity. However, in Australia, it’s really hard to know. Sometimes you can offend people quite easily too! I did this – by accident – last week!

We went to a birthday party for my son’s friend, and I had never met the mother before. She was Asian, so I asked her what her nationality was. Naturally, she said, “Well, I’m Australian.” Oops! I should have asked her what her ethnicity was. Then she would have said Korean. In fact, she was adopted from Korea when she was a small baby, so her ethnicity is Korean, but she is completely Australia… maybe even more than me! Luckily, she wasn’t too upset at my mistake. Phew!