Today’s Word: appropriate

August 10, 2018    =========

☆  appropriate  適切な


Something that is appropriate is suitable or acceptable for the situation. One thing I found really hard about the Japanese language is Keigo, and the honorific language. I studied them, they were soooo hard to remember! In the end, I just used regular Japanese, even though I knew it was more appropriate to use Keigo. Of course, because I was not Japanese, it was usually not a problem, no one minded that I wasn’t using the appropriate language.

How about English? It’s rare that there is a word that is not appropriate to use, and we don’t really have a system of language where you must use certain words or grammatical style depending on who you are talking to. Obviously, some words are more appropriate and politer than others, but it’s not common to offend people by using the wrong word.

What about you? Do you find it difficult to use the appropriate Japanese depending on the situation or is it natural and easy for Japanese people to use Keigo?