Today’s Word: measure

July 6, 2018 =========

☆  measure  測る


This month we’re talking about learning like a baby, and thinking about learning and setting goals, we are always told that we need to be able to measure our success, or measure our progress, right? So, if we’re learning new words, we want to be able to know how many new words we’ve learnt. Or we want to be able to measure an improvement in our test scores.

Being able to measure the results of your goal makes it easier to see our progress and to stay motivated… however, I was thinking about babies and how they learn. I don’t think they are measuring anything! Do you think they say, “well, I took three steps yesterday, so I’ll try and take four or five steps today and see if I can learn how to walk!” Ha ha, of course not, they just keep going till they have mastered it.

So, if measuring your progress makes you feel less motivated, then learn like a baby – stop measuring and just keep going till you master it!