Today’s Word: home in

July 4, 2018 =========

☆  home in  的を絞る


When you home in on a particular aspect of something, you give all your attention to that aspect. With babies, this is very easy to see. They don’t try to walk and crawl and roll all at the same time. When they are very young, they home in on learning to roll. When they have mastered this, they home in on crawling. And when they have mastered this, they home in on learning to stand and walk. Of course, each of these aspects then work together to help the baby achieve all their milestones.

Adults learning English can do the same thing. Home in on one part of English and focus on that until you are really happy with it, then move onto the next aspect. Now, you could home in on your listening skills, or your reading skills. Or you could go even more technical, and home in on your grammar skills first. Or your vocabulary. And, just like with babies learning to walk, all the English skills you focus on bit by bit, will all add up together to make your English skills much stronger.

What are you going to home in on for your English study?