Today’s Word: react

June 20, 2018 =========

☆  react  反応する


To react to something means that you behave in a particular way because of that thing. For example, “He reacted violently to the news” or “How did she react?” or “She reacted with disbelief when her boss said she was being promoted.”

I heard a terrible story about a basketball game in Japan, where the player reacted violently toward the referee who made a call that he disagreed with. I was shocked to hear this story, especially since it was not a professional game, but just a high school game. And I was wondering if the same in Australia… I was thinking it wasn’t and that kids didn’t react badly toward the referees. But then I remembered a soccer game recently. My son was playing in U10, and next to his game was an U16 game. The boys were rude, and offensive towards the referee. They weren’t violent, but I guess they might react violently next time.

It’s a terrible situation where kids are reacting violently towards referee – in this case, a volunteer referee – during a sport that they love and should enjoy playing.