Today’s Word: reliability

June 1, 2018     =========

☆  reliability  信頼できること


We haven’t talked about suffixes for a while! So, today’s word is the adjective reliable plus the suffix “ity” which creates the noun, reliability. My son is currently learning about suffixes and prefixes at school and at first, I was a little worried about the reliability of the materials he is using for study!

He is very proud of himself, knowing how new words can be formed by adding a suffix or prefix to it. However, when he was telling me about the words, one example he gave was the word “ball” as a suffix, which can change into words like “volleyball” and “basketball.” Hmmm, for me, this isn’t really an example of a suffix or prefix. These are actual words, and without the word “ball”, they no longer have meaning. What do you think? Did you learn about suffixes and prefixes in school? Would you consider “ball” to be a suffix, like “ity” in the case of “reliability”?